landing land‧ing [ˈlændɪŋ] noun [countable, uncountable]
1. when a plane lands:

• Takeoffs and landings at 40 airports will be restricted, the agency says.

2. TRANSPORT when goods are taken off an aircraft or boat and put onto land:

• Commercial landings of fish and shellfish along the southeast Atlantic coast have dropped 42% in the last ten years.

3. hard landing ECONOMICS when an economy slows down after a period of fast growth and goes into recession (= a period of time with no growth or negative growth):

• Governments will also have to use tightened monetary policies and fiscal restraint to avoid a hard landing for their economies.

4. soft landing ECONOMICS when an economy slows down after a period of fast growth but does not go into recession:

• The Fed attempted to manage an economic soft landing by gradually lowering interest rates.

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landing UK US /ˈlændɪŋ/ noun [C or U]
TRANSPORT the act of an aircraft arriving on the ground, or of a boat reaching land: »

The plane made a safe landing on Lake Michigan beach.


The pilot was cleared for an emergency landing after reporting smoke in the cockpit.

TRANSPORT, COMMERCE the act of taking goods off an aircraft or boat, or the amounts that are taken off: »

His job is to supervise the loading and landing of goods at the quayside.


Records of fish and shellfish landings must be submitted to the authorities that are monitoring fish stocks.

See also HARD LANDING(Cf. ↑hard landing), SOFT LANDING(Cf. ↑soft landing)

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